Commercial – Fense Solar


Transfer a major chunk of your commercial load to Solar PV and make a huge difference in the operational output and further so in your monthly electricity bill.

FENSE Solar will help to design and install a Solar PV system for your commercial establishment at very low investment cost, minimal maintenance and with impressive reliability.


Roof-top Solar PV 


The tariff charged to a commercial consumer in India is higher than what is been charged to a domestic or industrial consumer. The commercial tariff currently being very high has seen an exponential increase in the last couple of years, in turn making such consumers pay heavy utility bills over the years. 


Availability of unused rooftop space combined with increasing commercial tariff and dependence on expensive diesel for backup power justifies investments in solar power. By switching over to Solar PV, commercial establishments can utilize the solar power potential of their rooftops to satisfy a large chunk of their energy requirement during the daytime.


Fulfill your energy demands with free solar 


Your otherwise unused roof space can be utilized to help you save money on your energy bills by installing a free solar PV system through an attractive Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) vied the OPEX model of payment. 


Our recommended solution, in this case, is to consider the OPEX model, where you can take advantage of a free solar PV system that is installed & maintained at zero investment cost, for a minimum term of 15 to 20 years. With energy efficiency measures in place for your benefit, your tenants will also enjoy reduced energy bills by purchasing the generated electricity at a unit cost lower than their existing energy supplier; making your office a much more attractive proposition for current and future tenants. 


A free solar PV system will also enhance your green credentials and give your company a better position while negotiating with companies that are campaigning for greener supply chains. 

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