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Your school can benefit from a roof-top Solar PV system, providing both significant long-term savings on energy bills and creating a positive impact on the environment.

Most educational institutions are in a position to self-fund a Solar PV system allowing you to generate your own electricity for reduced energy bills and also receive credits from the government’s Net-Metering policy for any surplus export of power to the discom. However at times, with budgets not supportive of large capital investments, we have attractive investment options to help your school enjoy the benefits of Solar PV technology and save money on energy bills. 


Read more about the various investments options : Finance Management 


FENSE Solar has also devised project execution process focused on educational institutions, to deploy high-quality solar PV solutions at very low cost and in minimal time.


Free solar for educational institutions 


Educational premises are associated with having large buildings, often spread across multiple sites. With ample roof space available, most clients are applicable to take advantage of a free Solar PV system through the OPEX model and enjoy the benefits of reduced energy bills and be protected against future energy price rises. 


The above link will give you more details about the PPA vied the OPEX model of financing, but in principle, your educational institution can have a solar PV system installed and maintained for free over a typical 15-20 year term. With the Accelerated Depreciation, Net-Metering and other benefits of investing in Solar PV going to a nominated 3rd party, your institute will, in turn, purchase any generated electricity from us at an agreed price per unit; much cheaper than your current energy supplier, saving you money on your bills.


Save the environment 


Although energy bill savings are generally the main motivator for educational institutions to invest in energy technology, it is becoming more desirable for schools, colleges & universities to employ a level of sustainability and environmental awareness; energy technology installations such as Solar PV and LED can be a huge contributor to achieving such sustainability & awareness. 

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