Hospitality – Fense Solar


Businesses such as gyms, hotels, health clubs and leisure centers are great candidates for Solar PV as they require huge amounts of electricity to power lighting, air conditioning, swimming pools and mass catering.

Saving you money through a Solar PV system 


If your business is a single site, a self-funded Solar PV system will not only allow you to save money on energy bills but will also give you a second income stream through the government’s Net-Metering policy for any surplus export of power to the discom. 


The above also applies to multi-site hospitality and leisure groups, turning unused roof space into an investment. Depending on your roof size, your sites could also qualify for a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) vied the OPEX model where you will have a free Solar PV system installed and maintained for a 15-20 year term. Each site will then purchase the generated electricity at a pre-agreed rate that is lower than your current energy supplier and consequently saving you money on your bills.


Visit the link above for more details on the OPEX model of SPV system financing. 


A free Solar PV system will also enhance your green credentials and give your institution a better position when catering to domestic & foreign customers who are becoming eco-friendly by the day.. 

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