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Large roof spaces make power intensive manufacturers a perfect candidate for Solar PV, which can often be installed at a zero investment cost. In addition to greatly reduced energy bills, renewable energy also helps you save the environment and improve supply chain relationships by reducing your carbon footprint.

Industrial Solar PV systems generally provide electricity to areas where conventional power is costly, irregular or difficult to reach. Collectively, the manufacturing sector is the one that uses the most power, thanks to energy-intensive machinery and processing; particularly metal processing manufacturers. However, the higher the electricity consumption, the more you can save on your energy bills.


Cost savings from day one with a free Solar PV system 


Manufacturing companies have large roofs spaces suitable for large Solar PV systems, required to generate high amounts of electricity. Although you will get the best return in the long term for self-funding a system, a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) via the OPEX model of payment is a great solution for having a Solar PV system installed at zero investment cost, whilst still allowing you to make huge savings on energy bills throughout the 15-20 year term. 


The link above will offer further details on the OPEX model of payment, but in principle, there is no capital outlay required from you, with the system being installed and maintained by FENSE Solar at no cost. With the Accelerated Depreciation, Net-Metering and other benefits of investing in Solar PV going to a nominated 3rd party, your company will then purchase the electricity generated by the system at a cost much less than your existing energy supplier.


Reduce your carbon footprint and create new opportunities 


All companies are under extreme pressure from the Government to reduce their carbon footprint. This is not only making everyone look at their own activities, but also those of others in the supply chain to give claim in taking a positive course of action to saving the environment. 


It’s therefore not uncommon for those at the opposite end of the supply chain – to look at the actions of manufactures and logistic companies to warrant turning their business to alternative companies with greener credentials. 


This aside, with manufacturing companies responsible for a huge slice of India’s energy consumption, improving your own CSR in general by investing in renewable energy technology is a credible step to help to save the environment. 

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