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Operation & Maintenance

Sit back and enjoy comprehensive after sales services from FENSE Solar.

India’s rapid growing Solar PV sector demands well managed Operation & Maintenance (O&M) services to keep the solar power plant performances at par with the needed expectations. As utilities embrace and rely on Solar PV plants for commercial, industrial and other applications, FENSE Solar has the capabilities and the experience in all aspects of solar plant O&M to help deliver optimal power.

Solar power plants have an average lifespan of 25 years plus. The panels used in Solar PV systems depreciate over time. Manufacturing companies guarantee that the panels will produce at least 80% of the rated power output after 20 years of use. The depreciation may increase for systems with low maintenance.  

We at FENSE Solar understand the importance of operation & maintenance in the whole process and hence analyze the requirements of every client on a case to case basis. We give you peace of mind for the whole contract term and beyond by offering comprehensive after-sales services to ensure that your Solar PV system is operating at its optimum performance year after year, thus protecting your return on investment. 


Routine Inspections
Regular cleaning of panels (Large systems)
Periodic maintenance of Balance of System
Energy Audits
Flexible contractual agreements


On-Call emergency response
Operational maintenance
I-V curve tracing
Circuit testing
System monitoring & maintenance