Project Management – Fense Solar

Project Management

Deconstructing the complexity of policy framework, industry trends, technology, financing and project development for our clients.

Project management is a methodology and discipline required for planning, organizing, and managing project manpower and resources. This is a prerequisite to successful completion of a project. All projects consist of certain tasks that have a beginning and an end, constrained by schedules and objectives that must be executed within the limits of date, budgets and deliverable's as outlined by the customer’s specifications.

We at FENSE Solar regularly perform dual roles, as Systems Integrator and General Contractor. This requires rigorous project management discipline to ensure projects are completed on-time and on-budget to meet the clients’ expectations.


Project Feasibility Study
Detailed Project Report (DPR)
Regulatory assessment
Investment strategy
Design & Engineering


Project commissioning
Regulation & Support
Operation & Maintenance

Project Management services provided by FENSE Solar often involve multiple projects, technologies, and services to coordinate a complex energy strategy. The discipline is also successfully applied with multiple facilities within the same organization involving different levels of energy efficiency, analytics, technology and environmental factors. FENSE Solar has deep experience in managing such complex programs. 


FENSE Solar project management services extend the reach and scope of your existing team to bring on energy experts with working knowledge & expertise. Furthermore, we support our clients with viable and effective strategies and helping them identify specific, business opportunities.