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We at FENSE Solar will design & install a Solar PV system for your religious institution at a very low investment cost and with minimal maintenance.

Spirituality with Sustainability 


India is the birthplace of three of the world’s largest religions – Hinduism, Buddhism and Sikhism – all of which admire nature and preach conservation. Some of India’s leading religious institutions have walked the path of sustainable development. 


In this age of clean energy and efficient building design, most if not all religious institutions can benefit immensely from solar energy. Holy buildings such as temples, churches and mosques are certainly one of them. 


Measures are being taken to provide solar power to all religious institutions. Solar PV will help religious institutions bring down their energy and utility bills while contributing to a more greener and a sustainable environment, which will also indirectly motivate the devotees to switch to renewable energy.


Reduce your carbon footprint & influence public opinion 


India’s religious groups have sizable incomes, own vast amounts of land, and have enormous influence on public opinion through their educational institutions. Efficient use of renewable energy will be introduced to the people by making religious places switch to solar power use. 


Indeed, with 99% of Indians professing to one faith or another, the country’s green movement might not have a prayer without them. 

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